This website belongs to JORPAL®, Comércio e Indústria Têxtil, Lda. (from now on known as JORPAL®).

The terms and conditions here clearly regulate the relationship established between JORPAL and the user. These terms may be altered whenever deemed necessary by JORPAL®.

Where JORPAL® decides to change these terms and conditions, the new version will replace the current one and will take effect from the date of publication on this website. The relationship between JORPAL® and all users will subsequently be governed by the new version.

We recommend that you visit this page on our website regularly to ensure that you are aware of the most up-to-date terms and conditions. It is noted that JORPAL® also reserves the right to modify content of this website at any time.

When accessing this website, users tacitly agree to the following terms and conditions. If users do not agree with all terms and conditions, they can neither continue to use the website, nor make any purchases and/or bookings.

The aim od the website is to publicise the commercial provision of JORPAL®, including its products and services and to provide a platform where:

  • Users can search and view products and services advertised and/or offered by JORPAL®, using all features designed to offer a service as complete as possible. These features include, but are not limited to:

    • Product and service search;

    • Buying items to up pick up on our store or to be home delivered (delivery charges apply).

  • JORPAL® partners and advertisers can make use of the means available on the website to promote their products or services via images, illustrations, animated images, banners, links or text.

The reference constitutes the domain associated with the company JORPAL®.


2. Characteristics of the available services

Products for clients and non-clients.

Any user can view all the products and services available on JORPAL®.


3. Invoicing

Purchased items will be invoiced by JORPAL®. Invoices are delivered with the order or sent by mail.


4. Payment

The user/buyer may choose to pay by cash (when the order is collected at our store) or bank transfer (should the user choose to have the order shipped).

JORPAL® is not responsible for any fraudulent, unlawful or abusive use of any payment method. Still, JORPAL® does not tolerate the commission or attempted fraud or misuse of these payment methods. If a user attempts to make use of a means of payment without being duly authorized to that effect and the occurrence is detected by JORPAL®, we will ban the user, who will be prohibited from using the services of

JORPAL® also reserves the right to take legal action against the perpetrator.


5. Delivery within our store

Our store is located at Rua da Constituição 2295, Porto (Portugal).

Customers who wish to collect their items in our store will be able to do so after confirmation of availability of the purchased items, and within its hours of operation.


6. Rules for picking up an order

The user is obliged to verify the order in the presence of the delivery operator. Where the order meets your expectations, you should confirm receipt by signing the corresponding register.

Where the order does not meet your expectations, you should request that the delivery operator initiate a complete or partial return of the order (with the exception of personalized products).


7. Documentation to show when picking up items

Order reference – sent by email at the time of purchase.


8. Transport / home delivery policy

After making a purchase, the user can request to have the purchased items sent to their preferred address, according to the applicable delivery charges and times.

JORPAL® may send orders to Portugal (mainland and islands) and Spain (mainland and islands). Shipping to other countries can also be performed, subject to prior confirmation by JORPAL®.

Items will be expedited from Monday to Friday, with no deliveries available on weekends.

Note: Whenever deliveries are sent to a country which is not part of the European Union, and where they must pass through Customs and/or Clearance, any resulting customs charges and/or any other charges inherent in customs operations remain the buyer’s responsibility.


9. Rules for receiving orders at home – national deliveries

The delivery schedule of home deliveries is defined by the delivery operator and duly communicated to the buyer. Deliveries will not be made at weekends.

If the user has elected to receive their order at home, where it has not been possible for the delivery operator to make the delivery, the delivery operator should provide an alternative method for collecting the item. For more information, please consult the delivery operator indicated in the shipping confirmation email.

Where delivery of the order cannot be completed, JORPAL® will ask for the return of the order.

The purchase value will be refunded via the same means of payment initially used (excluding customized products), incorporating a deduction equivalent to the amount incurred in processing the return.

For any other questions or further clarification, the user should contact JORPAL® via email, or via the form on the “Contacts” page of this website.


10. Product information

Photographs used as product illustrations do not constitute any contractual obligation and do not imply any promise by JORPAL®. Furthermore, JORPAL® does not accept any liability for the validity of the product sheet contents and product descriptions supplied by our concessions or providers.





1. Framework

This document is the result of a benchmarking analysis compiled from various e-commerce websites and later adapted to JORPAL®. It is intended to serve as the basis for creating the Privacy Policy for the website


2. What information do we collect?

We collect information about users when they register on our site, place orders, subscribe to our newsletter, respond to inquiry or fill out forms.

When ordering or registering on our website, as the case may be, the user may be asked to enter their name, email address, telephone number, VAT number or address.

However, the user can visit our website anonymously. We also collect data about the pages visited by our users in order to better understand how our website is used and to improve the experience.


3. How do we use the information collected?

The information collected could be used for one of the following purposes:

  • To personalise your experience (your information helps us to better respond to your individual needs);

  • To improve our website (we try to continuously improve the offers on, based on the information and feedback received from our users);

  • To improve our customer service (your information helps us to provide a more efficient response to your customer service requests and support needs);

  • To process transactions:

    • The information collected, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given over to any other company, for any reason, without your consent, except for the specific aim of enabling deliveries of purchased products and performing requested services.

  • To send periodic emails:

    • The email address provided by the user for processing orders will be used exclusively to send information and updates related to the order.

    • If the user decides to sign up to our mailing list, they will receive emails which may include company news, product related updates or information related to services, etc.

Note: At any moment, the user can, if they wish, unsubscribe from receiving future emails. At the bottom of each email there are instructions on how to cancel subscription, or a link to the cancellation page.


4.  How do we protect our users' information?

We implement a series of measures and security methods to protect our users’ personal information when they place an order or access their personal information.


5. Cookies

We do use cookies. Cookies are small files copied by the user’s browser from our website to the user’s computer – if permitted by the user’s privacy settings – and which allow our website to recognise the user’s browser and remember certain configurations, such as:

  • The user’s preferences, for future visits;

  • To maintain a history of adverts shown to users and to compile information gathered on traffic in general and users’ interaction with the website, in order to be able to offer a better experience in the future.


6. Sharing personal information

JORPAL® does not sell, exchange or transfer to third parties users’ personally identifiable information. This does not include our trusted partners who help JORPAL® to run and help to serve the user. These partners agree to maintain this information as confidential.

JORPAL® also may divulge this information whenever it may be necessary for the purpose of complying with the lay, fulfilling our website policy, or protecting our own rights or security as well as those of third parties.

Visitors’ non-personally identifiable information (for example, usage statistics) may be provided to third parties for marketing purposes, publicity or other uses.


7. Privacy and online security

This online privacy policy applies only to information collected via our website and not to information collected offline.


8. User consent

By using this website, the user agrees to our privacy policy.


9.  Privacy policy updates

If JORPAL® decides to alter its privacy policy, it will update this web page.


10.  Access to data

In accordance with the current legislation in force, all users have the right to access, modify, cancel or oppose their information. Additionally, at any moment the user is able to express their willingness to not receive any tipe of publicity materials.

Customers can exercise these rights by writing to Rua da Constituição 2295, post code 4251-172 Porto (Portugal), or by email to




JORPAL® cannot guarantee the permanent existence of stocks.

All items featured on the site are subject to stock availability at the time the item is selected by the buyer.


1.  Out of stock items

  • Where orders are composed of one single item and where this item is out of stock, the user will be notified by email about the item’s forecasted availability or if the item has been discontinued/sold out. The user will be able to choose to wait for the missing item (the order will only be invoiced once the item is available) or to cancel the order (in this case, the item will not be invoiced).

  • Where orders are composed of various items and where one or some of the items are out of stock, the order will follow the usual delivery course even though it is incomplete. The user will be notified by email of the fact that the order is incomplete and will be provided with a forecasted date for the item’s availability or if the item has been discontinued/sold out. The user may opt to wait for the missing item or to cancel the purchase of the respective item. Delivery of the remaining items from the same order will not be affected.




All prices shown include VAT, the legal tax effective in Portugal.

The website reserves the right to change the trading conditions of the products shown.

The prices and conditions indicated in this website, except where indicated otherwise, will be valid only on the advertised day, and will also apply for customers ordering on that day, even when receiving the item via delivery at a later date.

If the trading conditions indicated are incorrect and such a difference in conditions is not due to negligence, independent of its cause (computer bug, manual error, technical error, etc.), the order will be cancelled, even if it had previously been confirmed.

Resulting delivery charges remain the customer’s responsibility and will be collected at the time of purchase.




The currency used as base rate for indicating the product prices is the Euro and the final purchase will be made in Euros.




JORPAL® reserves the right to not process orders or reservations when an inconsistency is identified in personal details provided, or in the instance of user/customer misconduct.

JORPAL® reserves the right to not process any order or refund in cases where errors in value and/or product descriptions are detected when these errors stem from technical problems beyond the control of JORPAL®.

JORPAL® reserves the right to limit the quantity of items sold to each user.

Wherever the aforementioned circumstances occur, the user will be duly informed of the decision taken by JORPAL® to not process their order.




JORPAL® wishes to promote the best user experience.

An important component of this experience is the possibility for the user to decide to purchase with the assurance of kowing that they can reverse their decision for up to 15 days after receiving the order and return the products as long as they have not been used, modified or damaged. In cases contrary to the above, it will not be possible to process an exchange or return, and do refund will be offered. When receiving items for exchange or return, JORPAL® will evaluate them items’ state and conditions and, consequently, a decision will be made whether to accept or refuse the exchange or return in question.

Defective products and products sent by mistake or exchanged will also be accepted after the item’s condition has been verified, and is such cases JORPAL® will be responsible for the delivery charges (standard delivery by CTT).

As a necessary condition, the user must return/exchange the items along with the respective invoice. In cases contrary to the above, it will not be possible to proceed with the return or exchange.

If the customer wishes to return a product and replace it for another one, the shipping costs of the article being returned and of the new product should be borne by the customer.

It should not be accepted for return/exchange personalized or customized products, with the exception of defective products or products sent by mistake.


1. Submitting a request for exchange/return

The site acts to facilitate the interaction between its users and JORPAL®, and to those ends our customer service will provide you with the assistance in the case of possible claims, within a maximum term of 30 days.

Your return/exchange request should contain the following elements:

- Name on the order;

- Quantity you wish to return;

- Invoice number and date;

- Reason for exchange/return.

This information should be send by email to


2. General conditions for exchanges

Should the user wish to ask for an exchange, he/she must register their intention via form available on the “Contacts” page of this website, or via email to An exchange will only be possible if all the products and their components are returned in the conditions defined by the General Policy for Return and Exchanges.


3.  General conditions for returns

Items shown on are guareanteed to be of maximum quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may request a refund within 15 days after receiving the item.

In order to request a refund, you should access the form on the “Contacts” page of this website, or send an email to


4. Returns when picking up the item from our store

Where the receipt register has not yet been assigned at the time of verifying the order, it is possible to proceed with a refund for the items. To this effect, our staff is authorized to begin the return process.

The user should state in the comments box the reason for the desired cancellation. Our staff should inspect the returned items to check if they are according to the conditions stated by the General Policy for Return and Exchanges. Should this be the case, our staff will accept the returned articles, and proceed with the refund. If our staff finds any defect in these items, the return request should be started and it will be analysed by JORPAL®. The consequent answer should be given to the customer within 30 days after the request date.


5. Returns by post

The user will be able to request a complete or partial return of an order within a maximum of 15 days after receiving the items.

For this purpose, the user should access the form on the “Contacts” page of this website or send an email to

The user should attach the respective invoice to the item and sent them to:


Rua da Constituição, 2295

4250-172 Porto (Portugal)

The product’s state and conditions will then be evaluated and JORPAL® will accept or refuse the return in question.

A return and resulting contractual resolution will only be possible if all the products and their components are returned in the conditions defined by the General Policy for Returns and Exchanges.


6. General conditions for cancellations

If the user has not yet received the items and wishes to cancel the order, this should be done as early as possible. The cancellation will be accepted as long as the order has not yet been processed. If this is the case, the user will receive the confirmation of the cancellation via email, and the purchase value will be refunded via the same means of payment used and will be made within 30 days.




JORPAL® takes great care and invests in securing the personal data of users, both during the course of the transaction and also with respect to safeguarding personal data in our website database (please consult our Privacy Policy).

These efforts must be shared by a sensilble attitude on the part of users to protect their own data. JORPAL® then advises users to:

  • Not share their usernames nor passwords;

  • Not store neither passwords nor usernames in easily accessible locations (note books, computer, etc.);

  • When accessing a payment page or a page for editing personal data, ensure that the browser is using a secure connection (a lock appears in the browser address bar and the web address begins with “https://”);

  • Ensure the browser is shut down before leaving the computer unattended;

  • Ensure that the compute being used to access is free from viruses and spyware.




To make suggestions or complaints we encourage users to contact JORPAL® to examine the matter, through the available means: form in the “Contacts” page of this website, email to, or contact to (00351) 226 000 382.




In the future, users will be able to publish comments on the website, as well as indicating their level of satisfaction with the products, shops or available services. The opinions expressed by users are monitored and moderated by the marketing team. JORPAL® reserves the right to remove or modify any text which violates the law, ethics or good manners policy (spam, defamatory intentions, insults, out-of-context comments, etc.).

The opinions and comments made by users will be part of the content on However, the user can request the complete removal of any of their comments from the website, simply by sending an email to The user’s classifications attributed to the products, services, etc., will continue to form part of the website’s statistics.




All intellectual property rights relating to information available on this website, including but not restricted to the text contents, headings, photographs, images, animated images, illustrations, names, logos and brands belong to JORPAL or other possible licence-holders. The fact that JORPAL® makes this information available does not, under any circumstances, give the user the right to reproduce or distribute this information. Such actions are prohibited without prior consent from JORPAL® or aforementioned possible licence-holders. However, the user is permitted to download and/or print the information for personal, non-commercial use. It is prohibited to embed a display of this website into other websites which do not belong to JORPAL®, without prior authorization.

The user can, however, create and distribute links to pages on JORPAL® reserves the right to accept or decline such links.


1. Publicity, promotion and content from third parties

The JORPAL® website and its mobile version may contain advertisements (including banners), promotions and other content provided by third parties, including other retailers. All advertisements, promotions and other content (including the referral buttons and hyperlinks) do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement on our part with respect to the goods promoted, the service or the links’ destination website.

The advertisers are exclusively responsible for all information contained within the advertisements or the destination websites of links found on or the mobile version. Where the user need to clarify details relating to a particular advertised product or service, the user should contact the advertiser in question. However, with the goal of facilitating this contact, JORPAL® provides a service to attend to customers via the form in the “Contacts” page of this website or email, which will putt the two parties in contact.

In particular, JORPAL® has no control and is no responsible for:

  • The quality, security or legality of any goods or services advertised by advertisers ou third parties;

  • The truthfulness or accuracy of descriptions of goods and services advertised by advertisers or third parties, or;

  • The level or competence or authorization of the advertiser or third parties to sell such a product or service.


2. Links

The website may contain links to external websites operated by third parties. The websites connected to these external links are not under JORPAL’s control, and we do no accept responsibility for the content of such websites, nor for the use of goods or services that the user has acquired or contracted via any of these websites. JORPAL® cannot guarantee that the content on any third party website will be accurate, legal or inoffensive.

The website may display some external websites in frames. This may include some of our own website content or reciprocal links to our website. These resources are shown only for the user convenience and do not constitute an endorsement of these websites or their contents.




JORPAL® can, at any time and for any reason considered to be appropriate, terminate an user’s access to the website.




Please read our Privacy Policy which defines how we collect and use personal data obtained from using website.




JORPAL® takes great care in ensuring that the information contained within this website is accurate and complete. Even so, JORPAL® cannot guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, that the information contained in this website is complete and accurate, or that this website will not suffer from delays or interruptions.




The user implicitly agrees to not hold JORPAL® liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting from the use of information contained within its website. Equally, JORPAL® is not liable for services and/or products offered by third parties via this website.




JORPAL® does not express nor give any guarantee that the user’s use of, or access to will not be interrupted, free from errors or that the material contained within this website will be free from viruses or bugs. The use of this website is at the user’s own risk. The user assumes all liability and risk for losses occurring from the use, access or transfer of data, information or other materials on or via


  • JORPAL® does not give guarantees, and the user should not assume other rights aside from those expressly stated in these terms and conditions;

  • All implicit guarantees and rights are excluded.

In particular, JORPAL® does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, reliability or suitability for a specific purpose of the information provided on this website.

Except in accordance with the aforementioned, JORPAL® does not accept any liability for any damages, direct or indirect, or consequential losses, damages or inconveniences suffered or incurred by any person stemming from or associated with this present agreement, the website, any use of this website (including any operations carried out via this website), the reliability of content on this website, or for the actions, omissions or conduct of any advertiser on




JORPAL® is not liable for delays or non-contractual compliance caused by reasons beyond our control, disturbances, full or partial strikes, postal services and means of transport and communication, floods, fire or war.

JORPAL® is not liable for any indirect damages, operating loss, loss of benefits or opportunities, damages or taxes which may arise from buying any product shown on this website.

The agreement between the user and JORPAL®, which is based on these terms and conditions, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Portuguese law.

In relation to this agreement, the user irrevocably and unconditionally promises to yield to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the judicial district of Porto.



If you have any concern relating the user’s rights contained within these terms and conditions, contact us by email:, or by telephone (00351) 226 000 382.


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